Sparkling Result of VVP Engineering College

A few sparkling achievements are :
In entire GTU,
VVP achieved 2nd RANK CPI wise with 92.02% and also 2nd RANK – SPI wise – which is phenomenal.
In entire GTU – IT, Chemical and BT branches achieved 1st position and EC achieved 1st position in Zone and 2nd position in GTU
In all branches of engineering, in the list of GTU TOP 10 students,
7 students……..Yes !!!!!!
7 students are from VVP Engineering College…..
3 from EC branch
2 from CE branch
1 from chemical&
1 from IT branch..

BHARMAL TASNIM achieved 1st RANK in EC branch in entire GTU..
CHUDASAMA KAHAN achieved 2nd RANK in EC branch in entire GTU..
Gandhi Ritesh achieved3rd RANK in EC branch in entire GTU..
VAKHARWALA MUSTAFA achieved 2nd RANK in Chemical branch in entire GTU..
JOSHI DHARA achieved 1st RANK in CE branch in entire GTU..
GODHASARA NEHALBEN achieved 1st RANK in IT branch in entire GTU..
PADALIYA DISHA achieved 2nd RANK in CE branch in entire GTU..
CPI wise,
a student of 7th Mechanical-
Dhabalia Virat stood 1st among all the students of GTU with 9.74 CPI


Glimpse of VVP

V.V.P. Engineering College invites applications from the students for B.E. admissions and D2D admissions for offline admission process.

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