Student Scholarship

  • Result Based Scholarship:

Under this ALL-UP BASED scholarship, every students (GTU/S.U.) with fully pass in their respective semesters university exam, are eligible for this Result Based Scholarship. V.V.P. Engineering College appreciates the students by giving them Result Based Scholarship every semester. The students receive this scholarship based on their GTU End Semester Examination Result (SPI wise). The rules for this scholarship are shown in below mentioned table A & B. This year, Rs.49,30,800/- were distributed among total number of 3402 students.


Rules for the Result Based Scholarship Amount
Effective from GTU Dec. 2015 Exam


Scholarship Amount


Rs. 2500


Rs. 1950


Rs. 1400


Rs. 900

< 5 (With Fully Pass)

Rs. 400



(Branch Wise)

1 Rs. 5000/-
2 Rs.4500/-
3 Rs.4000/-
4 Rs.3500/-
5 Rs.3000/-
6 Rs.2500/-
7 Rs.2000/-
8 Rs.1500/-
9 Rs.1000/-
10 Rs.500/-

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